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Personal Musings On Education 

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Inclusive Teaching

I've been invited to be on an expert panel on accessibility. The Paul Menton Centre (which deals with student equity accommodations at...

Once More Unto the Breach, Dear Friends

So, here we are, back for a second semester of emergency online teaching, during a pandemic. And it's difficult. Very difficult. This...

Changing to Online Teaching

The modifications of my regular classes for Online Pandemic Teaching. I had a firm design principle never to increase workload by moving...

Stress, Anxiety and Education

I read the Carleton U Reddit a few days ago, and there were lots of obviously distressed students posting about the difficulty of...

Teaching Philosophy

I was applying for a teaching award last week, and they always want a teaching philosophy statement. Mine has changed over my years of...


My First Online Course My first online course has now finished. It was an algebra -based Introductory Physics course, taken by 200...

The Charging Rhinoceros

When teaching introductory physics to non-specialists, I always try to use examples from subjects that might interest them. In my...

The Whiteboard Recording

Sometimes, we might want to sketch out a solution, and a picture is worth a thousand words. Explaining technical details over email can...

Doing Something With Lectures

Recording Lectures for Asynchronous Delivery Why record it? Asynchronous Delivery Closed Captioning/Transcripts for Accessibility...

What Are We Working With?

The second thrilling installment of "Precarious Physicist: The Perils of the Pandemic". Let’s now look at the design process for the...

Online Teaching: The Second Week

So here are a few thoughts about teaching my Physics 1007 course completely online. Student interaction by email, forum discussion and in...

Be Kind

It's extremely likely that if you are teaching, then one or more of your students has been affected by the coronavirus in some way. They...

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I am a Contract Instructor at Carleton University, sited on the the traditional, unceded territories of the Algonquin nation.  I teach Physics to undergraduates in Science and Engineering. I do not have a permanent job, hence the "Precarious".

You can find me on Twitter as @AndrewR_physics

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