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The Educational Value of Statues: In This Case None Whatsoever

I was a student at Bristol University many years ago now. The slave trade was not mentioned at all. Colston was the name on the Colston Hall (which is about to be renamed), where we went to concerts. I've walked past this statue many times. It did not educate me. In fact, it's a deliberate disinformation campaign to cover up the past. He was not a virtuous man of the city. He was a slave trader, who profited from an immoral practice, and caused immense suffering and death.

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I am a Contract Instructor at Carleton University, sited on the the traditional, unceded territories of the Algonquin nation.  I teach Physics to undergraduates in Science and Engineering. I do not have a permanent job, hence the "Precarious".

You can find me on Twitter as @AndrewR_physics


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